Construction Process

Build Process: Step-by-step Guide

Construction involves several steps. For a successful project, the following strides must be taken.

1. Your home footprint

Once you select your design and consents are granted, it is all systems go. Initially, your home’s foundation is set in the right position. The underfloor drainage and plumbing are placed and the slab is poured.

2. Framework begins

After pouring the concrete, the framework is erected and the external drainage is completed. The framework is the structure of the building. It outlines the walls of the house with openings for doors and windows.

3. Structure takes shape

The framework is completed, the fascia fixed and the building wrap installed. What remains is fitting the roof, doors and windows.

4. Roof and windows

Soffits, roof tiles and windows are set up. These features breathe life into the building and call for painting and colour selection. Slopped roofs and double-glazed windows keep a house cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

5. Cladding

Addition of cladding is a big milestone visually. At this stage, your house takes shape and the internal pre-plumbing and electrical pre-wiring are installed. The right cladding system enhances the street appeal.

6. Cozy insulation

Adding downpipes externally and insulation internally will let you see and visualize just how warm your interiors will be in winter. A bricklayer completes the exterior and the site is prepared for landscaping.

7. Keep elements out

Internal plastering and interior linings let you envision your actual living environment. During this phase, the garage door is fitted allowing your house to be fully lockable. Similarly, the boundary fencing is constructed.

8. Interior works

Building a kitchen evolves your home internally. As you may already know, the kitchen is the heart of your home. This functional space is ideal for families to cook, eat, interact, entertain and relax.

9. Timber and doors

At this point, the interior finishing is completed and all internal doors fitted. The painter moves in and preparation for interior painting takes place. Outside, the paths, terraces and driveway are constructed and cemented.

10. Painting surfaces

Choosing the right wall and roof colours is important. The professional painter comes and applies three coats of paint. Once the painting is over, you can get a sense of your home’s ambience.

11. Electrics and bathrooms

Here, all the electrical work is done, hooking your house up to the grid. Likewise, all bathroom suites are prepared and installed. This makes way for the contractor to complete your gorgeous tiling.

12. Plumbing and tiling

Tiles for the entrance way, kitchen and bathrooms are expertly laid down. Plumbing is also finished. Installing tiles and pipes means that the construction phase is effectively done.

13. Finishing touches

Installation of blinds, shelving, carpets and doors paves way for cleaning and final inspection. These final touches transform your property from a structure to a home.

14. Move in

After cleaning, the workers leave your compound and house sparkling. Once the code of compliance is issued and the purchase agreement is settled, you can move in.

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